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Do I need to renounce my current citizenship? 


Most countries allow having more than one citizenship. Very few nations fibrin dual citizenship.

Do I need to visit in the country to obtain citizenship?


A visit is not required. Exception — Antigua and Barbuda requires to spend 5 days on the island in the first 5 years of holding the passport.

Does my new country share information about their economic citizens?


No, information on you obtaining citizenship is not disclosed to third parties.

Do you need to reside in the country, know the language?


There are no requirements to reside in the country or to know the language.

Can I change my name after obtaining a citizenship? 


Some nations allow it, but be aware this process takes up to 6-18 months.

Who can obtain citizenship together with an investor?


A spouse;
Unmarried Children (age limitation varies by programs);
Children who have a mental or physical disability, regardless of age; Parents of the main applicant (age limitation varies by programs);

Do you accept Bitcoin?


Some nations allow the donation to be made in Bitcoin, for others we will use trusted services.

Which documents confirming the origin of funds are required?


The list of the documents varies depending on the program you decide to go with, here is what might be requested:
— certificate of salary, dividends received;
— certificate from the tax authorities;
— documents on the sale of real estate or other assets;
— an extract from the brokerage account on the sale of securities or income received;
— sale or gift contract;
— other documents confirming the acquisition of income.

One or several documents can be provided, the checklist is agreed when preparing the case. ‘Some’ programs are not very strict about it.

In what cases my application may be rejected?


Providing false information;
Existence of outstanding conviction or criminal proceedings for serious criminal offenses in any country of the world;
If the applicant poses a potential threat to public order, national security or the reputation;

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